252 pp.

with black and white photographs
thread-sewn hardcover 

Width: 18 cm
Length: 27 cm

Jerusalem, 2018


Book of a performative act

Nothing but two people. No objects, no time, no space, no references to any sound or language, no background, no colors. Maybe there are even no special surprising facts happening. It is a very normal human story. Nobody can say themselves stranger to this. With different measures, everybody is something and the opposite of something. We are made of two parts of the same whole. At the beginning, they can be separated but the unavoidable human condition wants them to meet each other and find a balance.

White and black dance and play together till they become a more complex new identity. The first part of the storyboard described the process of awaking and was strictly followed by the actors. The second part was completely white, Bea and Maurin were asked to improvised, in order to come to a natural honest end of the story. Another friend, looking at their work, said they were performing the birth of humankind.