180 pp.

with 60 colour illustrations
thread-sewn hardcover 

Width: 24.5 cm
Length: 33.2 cm

Bolzano Bozen, 2016

The color of things

The color of things was born after finding a tin containing chamomile flowers, picked up by grandma R. in the summer of 1995. The grandma, who lived in a stone house beneath the Alps glaciers, passed away the following April. The tin remained behind the shutters of a white sideboard. Any guest of that house didn’t dare to open it and prepare a chamomile tea anymore. There are no more traces left of that delicate smell. But there are the warm colors of dried petals, their lightness, and all the feelings bound to those days and memories.

This project is about collecting easily reachable things and attempting to create images that describe, evoke or communicate their taste and smell. Each has its fabric: the sleeve of a pullover, the upholstery of a chair, a ribbon made of sparkling paillettes... The color of things becomes an obsession that works on the rule of subjectivity. The eyes - and sometimes the heart - do their best to fill this gap.