184 pp.

with black&white and colour photographs
thread-sewn hardcover 

Width: 29 cm
Length: 42 cm

Bolzano Bozen, 2017 - Milano, 2022


Interventions in the Third Landscape

Third Landscape is a definition coined by the landscaper Gilles Clément used to indicate all those places, mostly in the outskirts, which are abandoned or never belonged to someone. There the nature grows free, with no control. Third Landscape means an undetermined fragment of the Planetary garden, diversity’s earth-house, earth that doesn’t give and doesn’t receive rules, but also earth which disappears under the cement of new aggressive buildings, earth stolen to the children who live in the suburbs.

In the Third Landscape you can shout without being judged, you can kiss your first love, be yourself and feel free. These pieces of earth and nature are quickly leaving the place to commercial centres and new, often ugly, architectures, without respect for the surroundings.

This project born from the desire to denounce this ‘stealing’. Twelve simple interventions have been realized in these places through the use of the same wooden module. The interventions have been left there where they have been photographed. Not as trash, not as incomprehensible works of art, not as components of an unusual street furniture, but as messages of protest and life, as a thin and determined exclamation mark. Nobody’s earth belongs to everyone.