336 pp.

with black & white and colour illustrations
thread-sewn hardcover 

Width: 16 cm
Length: 24 cm

paper: Arena Smooth Natural 120 g/m2
cover: fabric Setalux Metal 6141

Bielefeld, 2018 - Milano, 2021

PLEASE, MAY I TAKE A PICTURE of your kicthen? 

A book on how apartments that belong to the same house block - all with the same structure and planimetry - can look different, depending on the people who inhabit the space. In other words, a photographic investigation showing thirty possible ways to live in the same flat.

This project was developed in Bielefeld, Germany. All pictures have been taken in blocks for student housing. In each flat, they live four to five students. Depending on how long they are going to stay or have been there, there is more or less furniture. 

I printed two hundred postcards addressed to the people who lived there. They have been spread among different floors, buildings, and mailboxes. I kindly asked if I could visit their flat in exchange for beers, candy, flowers, and portraits in the message. Seven people replied.

From that moment on, I started to knock at every door. If nobody was there, I hit the day after and the day after again. When somebody opened the door, I asked Please, may I take a picture of your kitchen?. At the begging, it sounded awkward, but later we were all ready for that. Sometimes they even anticipated me: We were waiting for you. We saw the flash coming from the other flat.