Last book fairs: Miss Read Berlin 2023, 22-24 September
                               Cave 2023, Modena 30 September -1 October 

Last public project: Bolzano Art Week 2023, 29 September - 9 October


MA Luca School of Arts
, Master’s degree in filmmaking & audiovisual arts
September 2020 - September 2021/ Bruxelles
Title of the thesis: ‘Elegance, Irony, Nostalgia’, accompanied by the short film ‘Marie’. Production countries: Belgium, Italy. Original language: French, Italian. Duration: 20’.

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Scholarship
March 2018 - July 2018 / Jerusalem
Faculty of artistic photography. Developed documentary and performance photography projects, focusing on book design.

Fachhochschule Bielefeld FB Gestaltung, Scholarship
September 2017 - February 2018 / Bielefeld (DE)
Faculty of photography and graphic design. Developed knowledge of fashion photography and book design, collaborating with the fashion and graphics department.

Free University of Bolzano Bozen, Bachelor’s degree in Design & Arts, cum laude
September 2015 - November 2019 / Bolzano - Bozen, South Tyrol
Title of the thesis: (7) different possibilities of human beauty.
Book (essay) and a short film on the meaning of beauty and spontaneity. With a reflection on the difference between being beautiful and being fascinating. 


Giorgio Armani S.p.A, Graphic Designer - Milano 2022-23
Design and development of print items (invitations, greeting cards, brochures, press kits, stickers, gadgets, corporate and custom packaging, paper shopping bags, etc.) for pop-ups, collection launches as well as special events (e.g., Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan, etc.) Production of elements from render to the artwork and related specifications with all the project details until print launch. Work out specifications based on knowledge of paper and paper mills, binding, finishing, and special printing techniques, from embossing to printing plates.

Orografie, Copywriter - Napoli 2021-2022
Orografie is a design brand based in Catania, Sicily, collaborating with EDIT Napoli art and design fair. Project-based contract as author and copywriter. Conception and writing of a story for the book’s publication occurred during the Milan Design Week 2022. Orografie’s pieces of furniture are the main characters of the story. The book has been published by Letteraventidue, independent architecture and design publisher. Text in Italian.

Kunst Meran Merano Arte, Photographer - Merano 2018-19
Merano Museum of Contemporary Art, South Tyrol. Photographer for the catalog ‘Design from the Alps’ published by Scheidegger & Spiess on the exhibition’s opening. The book is the first comprehensive survey of modern design from the transnational and multilingual Alpine region Tyrol South Tyrol - Trentino. Text in English, Italian, and German.

Selected books

Please, may I take a picture of your kitchen?
A social and architectural research on how different people can live the same apartment.
size 16x24 / pages 372 / thread-sewn canvas hardcover - 2018

Interventi nel Terzo Paesaggio
Twelve interventions realized with the same wooden module into public ground.
size 27x39 / pages 208 / thread-sewn hardcover - 2016

How to dress a building
Imagine if buldings could wear an outfit
size 21,8x28,4 / pages 80 / binding hot glue - 2017

(7) different possibilities of human beauty
About what makes us beautiful
size 12x18,5 / pages 70 / binding glue softcover - 2019

Guess me
A portray of the invisible: things that everyone can see but nobody really notice
size 8x25 / pages 28 / binding clips - 2017

Damascus Gate - New Gate
30 hours portaits to Israelian and Palestinian people.
size 27,4x40 / pages 82 / binding glue, hardcover - 2018

Human Condition
Black and white dance together till a new identity born.
size 18x27 / pages 152 / binding glue, hardcover - 2017 

The story of an invisible character with big ears 
size 26x40 / pages 94 / glue binding, softcover - 2016 -2023

Il colore delle cose 
A visual research on the relationships between things, colours and cloths
size 20x26 / pages 72 / glue binding, hardcover - 2016 

Audiovisual works 

The Lady Bo Show in Bon Ton - 14:39’
The Lady Bo Show in Bon Ton is the first episode of a silent short film. The main charachter is a funny, sweet and naif woman, Lady Bo. Someone says she could be the female version of Buster Keaton. This episode shows Lady Bo’s adventure to invite everybody to a Bon Ton table, despite she is too poor to organize a proper dinner.

Marie - 20’ 
Marie is a young woman who lives in Brussels. One evening, a traumatic episode from the past comes back to her memory. Marie will try to fight it through her dreams and the power of her imagination
Genre: drama / Country of production: Belgium, Italy / Language: Italian, French - 2021 

(7) different possibilities of human beauty
- 20’ 
Seven moving portraits showing the inner worlds of seven people  
Genre: experimental, fashion / Country of production: Italy / Language: Italian - 2019

Selected shows and art book fairs


2023: BAW Bolzano Art Week. Gemeinschaft Maria Heim Luogo FAI, developed together Caterina Nebl - Bon Ton
2023: CAVE ModenaExploration of independent publishing, creatives & ultra-editorial reality
2023: Miss Read Berlin 2023 - Independent art book fair 
2023: Zines Palermo - festival di editoria indipendente
2023: VIR Open Studio and Fabbrica del Vapore, Vapore d’Estate, Milano
2023: Exclusion -  curated by BASE Milano and Perimetro, a photographic exhibtion about plurality - Milano 
2022: Utopia, Dystopia, Retrotopia - curated by a.topos Venice, Contemporary art exhibition, Palazzo Donà - Venezia 
2021: The Art Chapter - BASE event of Book City Milano and Photo Vogue Festival, Milano
2021: Condominioxyz - Book Swap, Milano
2020: Diplorama, Bolzano
2019: FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, a cura di Marina Paulenka, Modena
2019: Kabawil E.V.,  Duesseldorf
2018: Leipziger Buchmesse, fiera del libro di Lipsia
2018: Tiefkollektiv, Bolzano
2017: Showreal, Jerusalem
2017: Foto Forum, Bolzano

Online publications
Perimetro Milano, Photovogue, LensCulture, Lampoon, Smithsonian Magazine, Acre Hub, Docu Magazine 

Workshops and Recidencies

2023, Milano. MUFOCO Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea
Immagini come forma del sapere with Riccardo Falcinelli
Il grado zero dell’educazione visiva. Il linguaggio delle immagini dal Rinascimento al contemporaneo

2023, Milano. ViaFarini Art Recidency 
with Archivio Fabbrica del Vapore
Ongoing 4 month art recidency to develop a personal research, April - August 2023 

2023, Modena. AGO Fabbriche Culturali
in collaboration with Fondazione Modena Arti Visive 
Workshop with the artist and photographer Francesco Jodice, From folding cameras to Midjourney 

2023, Bologna. Spazio Labò with Lomography 
Production of a photographic project with reflections on Franco Vaccari's essay, Photography and the Technological Unconscious and made up of 12 photographs taken with a medium format Lomography camera, coloured rolls. 

2022, Milano. MAGNUM Photos at Armani/Silos.
Whorkshop with the photographer Olvia Arthur about developing an ongoing personal project.

2021, Napoli. Emersivi EDIT Napoli
Storytelling whorkshop with the journalist Paolo Casicci.

2019, Modena. Parallel Photo Platform
Photography & curatorial practice, contemporary image production and presentation. Workshop with the photographer and curator Marina Paulenka.

Grants and Awards

2023: Sittannavasal International Film Festival, India. Nomination Short Film - Marie
2023: LUKSUZ FILM FESTIVAL, Slovenia. Official Selection - Marie
2023: Kautik International Film Festival, India. Official Selection - Marie
2023: BAW Bolzano Art Week, winning project Bon Ton, developed together Caterina Nebl
2022: Premio Maria Montessori 2022 Città di Voghera
2021: Winning story at Edit Napoli, competition for collaboration as copywriter
2021: Grant from Sabam SC as sponsorship for the production - Marie
2017: Scholarship to study abroad (Jerusalem) - Free University of Bolzano Bozen
2014: Study trip in Normandy as prize for an history writing competition - Il tempo della storia

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