Shortfilm | 20 min. 

is a story about hope. It aims to show the power of our unconsciousness and imagination. Marie is a young woman from a small village where, as a teenager, she experienced her first love and her first abuse. She tries to leave all of this behind her, moving to another country. However, it’s impossible to forget. One day, after a vivid flashback, she takes a walk in night. During this walk she encounters Fear, Trust and Freedom as human beings, in a sort of magic realism. Through a conversation with them, Marie will be able to face and accept her past, and to enter her future with a new peaceful gaze.

directed and produced by Anna Maconi
cinematography Julian Schwandner
audio Nica Weyts
sound editing Sai Debongnie
gaffer Sam Debaecke
1st camera assistant Thomas Foster
art direction Penelope Gratacos
music Eliott Delafosse & Max Charge
montage Anna Maconi
starring Manuel Steitz Anna Maconi Rino Sokol Caterina Nebl
line producer Linda Venturini associate producer Liliana Volpi
graphic design Valeria Settembre