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A curious child has been given the latest model balloon named Elio. It never stays tied forever, never pops, and most importantly, it can’t fly.
An illustrated tale blending design and amphibious scenarios.

Published by LetteraVentidue
Original language: Italian, 42 pp. 
Year: 2022


Blume mit Zücker. An essay about elegance, irony and nostalgia 

A research project featuring personal reflections on the poetic elements in audiovisual works. Elegance, to allow lightness and simplicity to permeate the narrative. Irony, to combat fear through shared laughter. Nostalgia, to weave together the fragments of our past and perceive our lives as a cohesive and meaningful journey.

Original language: English, 74 pp. 
Year: 2021 


(7) different possibilities of human beauty 

What is the difference between being beautiful and being fascinating? What is beauty? An essay on the perception of aesthetics, the origins of personal tastes, imagining that the choice of color and form signifies taking a viewpoint and a determined will on how to act in the world. 
Original language: Italian , 68 pp.

Year: 2019

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